Welcome to ERTRAC!

ERTRAC is the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council. It is the European technology platform which brings together road transport stakeholders to develop a common vision for road transport research in Europe.

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EGVIA and the JRC have signed a Collaboration Agreement on electric vehicle battery testing
ERTRAC has nominated a new Chairman: Stephan Neugebauer, from the BMW group. Dr Neugebauer has been elected during the last ERTRAC Plenary on 25 June. He will join the ERTRAC Executive Group who is in charge of guiding the platform in its multi-stakeholders activities: http://www.ertrac.org/index.php?page=executive-group

ERTRAC supports the organisation of a mini-symposium on "Transforming Freight Movement through ITS" during the ITS World Congress organised in Bordeaux in October. See the following website for details and registration: