2 June 2015

ERTRAC Workshop on Internal Combustion Engines, 2 June 2015, Brussels

"Europe is a world leader in the development of Internal Combustion Engines. To keep that competitive position, further research activities are necessary, to enable further efficiency gains, decarbonisation and cleaner emissions."

This workshop will give the status of current knowledge and will present results from European funded projects. The further research activities needed towards cleaner and more efficient ICEs will be discussed.

Overview of agenda:

09:30 Start of workshop
- Welcome by ERTRAC Chair: Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni, Valeo Group Corporate Vice-President
- European Commission view on conventional powertrain systems (tbc)
- Keynote by Rémi Cornubert, Oliver Wyman consulting
- Keynote by Professor Yasuhiro Daisho, Waseda University, Japan
- ERTRAC ICE Research Roadmap: Prof. Zissis Samaras, Head of LAT, Thessaloniki University
- Review of results from European funded projects: presentations by Renault, Fiat, Volvo, etc.
15:30 End of workshop

Location: MCE conference centre, 118 Rue de l'Aqueduc, 1050 Brussels

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The presentations are available for download here: