Working Group on Connectivity and Automated Driving

Established firstly as a Task Force in 2014, the Working Group on Connectivity and Automated Driving has now become a permanent working group of ERTRAC.

Its main task is to monitor and update the European Roadmap on Automated Driving (last version published in 2019). The ambition of this roadmap is to be a reference document in Europe for Automated Driving: providing a single vision from the industry and research community about how AD systems will be developed and deployed, and which are the research and innovation challenges to be tackled. It includes definitions, deployment paths, and research priorities. It also includes information on national initiatives within the EU, as well as across the world.

The roadmap is widely distributed at ERTRAC's own events, at the TRA Conference, at the European CAD Conference, and at ITS World and European Congresses.

The CAD Working Group works in close cooperation with the support actions funded by the EU: CARTRE, now followed by ARCADE. The website provides a single information point on EU and national projects on CAD. Workshops are organised jointly by ERTRAC and the ARCADE project.

In 2017, the WG provided input to the new ERTRAC Strategic Research Agenda for Horizon Europe (FP9), delivering the chapter 4 "Connectivity and Automation - an enabler for improved mobility".

In 2019 was released the latest update of the roadmap.


Armin Graeter, BMW

Mats Rosenquist, Volvo Group

Eckard Steiger, Bosch

Manfred Harrer, ASFINAG