Working Group on Energy & Environment

The Working Group on energy and environment has produced the following documents:

Research roadmap on Energy Carries for Powertrains

Research roadmap on Electrification of Road Transport

Research roadmap on the Hybridisation of Road Transport

Research roadmap on Future Light-duty Powertrain Technologies and Fuels

Research roadmap on Infrastructure for green vehicles

Future Light and Heavy Duty ICE Powertrain Technologies


Experts from this group are supporting a CO2 Study prepared by ERTRAC in cooperation with the EU Joint Research Center. The challenge is to look at how the decarbonisation objectives set by the European Union can be achieved thanks to the different components of the road transport systems, e.g. vehicles technologies, vehicles to infrastructure integration, services, etc, and setting up different deployment scenarios.

In 2020, the Working Group will work on a new integrated roadmap addressing together energy carriers, powertrains and electrification, with the goal to present an overall perspective of the challenges and research priorities ahead to meet the EU climate objectives.


Roland Dauphin, CONCAWE

Michael Weissner, Volkswagen AG