Circularity and Competitiveness

The Working Group on Circularity and Competitiveness (formerly called Global Competitiveness) covers the following activities:

In 2017, the WG contributed to the ERTRAC Strategic Research Agenda for Horizon Europe, providing the chapter 6 called “Europe as world leader in innovation, production and services”.

In 2018, the WG organised a conference jointly with EFFRA on manufacturing needs for the automotive industry. In 2020, it organised a follow-up joint conference with EFFRA on Additive Manufacturing for the automotive industry. The event was cancelled due to the covid-19 crisis.

End of 2022, the WG name was changed from “Global Competitiveness” to “Circularity and Competitiveness” in order to address the key challenges of circular economy and life cycle approach. In 2023, the WG wants to work on the sustainability of supply chains and resources sovereignty of Europe, addressing circular economy, resiliency of critical resources, and substitution of fossil-based resources.



Thilo Bein

Fraunhofer LBF

Markus Seidel

BMW Group