Energy & Environment

The scope of the Energy & Environment Working Group covers aspects related to road transport considered as part of the mobility system (of people and goods):

  – its greenhouse gases emissions from a life-cycle perspective, with a target of GHG-neutrality by 2050;

  – its energetic requirements from a systemic perspective;

  – and its consequential in-use environmental aspects.


Experts from this group are supporting a CO2 Study prepared by ERTRAC in cooperation with the EU Joint Research Center.

The challenge is to look at how the decarbonisation objectives set by the European Union can be achieved thanks to the different components of the road transport systems, e.g. vehicles technologies, vehicles to infrastructure integration, services, etc, and setting up different deployment scenarios.

Download a presentation on the study “well-to-wheel study on climate neutral road transport 2050”.

Download the draft paper (under peer review) detailing the results of the presentation above “Well-to-Wheels Scenarios for 2050 Carbon-Neutral Road Transport in the EU“.

Since 2020, the Working Group has worked on a new integrated document: a Mapping of technology options for Sustainable Energies and Powertrains. It provides the perspective of the research community to address the environmental and energy challenges of road transport. This document gathers input and expertise from the diversity of research stakeholders present in ERTRAC. It provides research recommendations for all technology options, and is structured along the fields of energy carriers, powertrain options, and supporting infrastructures. It has been finalised in December 2022 and is now available for download.

A Mapping of Technology Options for Sustainable Energies and Powertrains for Road Transport


Dieter Walter


Michael Weissner

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