Supporting Institutions Group

The ERTRAC Supporting Institutions Group

The ERTRAC Supporting Institutions Group (ERTRAC SIG) is a non-profit association, legally established in Belgium (AISBL), supporting ERTRAC by financing its activities (office, secretariat costs, meetings and events costs etc.).

The objectives of ERTRAC SIG are


Accelerating the road transport research process with benefits for sustainable road transport and mobility of goods and passengers, the environment and European competitiveness in the framework of European and national research programmes.


The initiation and development of road transport research activities across Europe, including special programs, scenarios or specific recommendations as will be relevant.


Strengthen the network of all stakeholders in road transport research related issues.


Promote the awareness and understanding in the European Research Area (ERA) on the specific role and importance of the road transport sector.

ERTRAC SIG is registered in the EU Transparency Register under the ID number: 855647016671-07