Road Transport

Road Transport plays a vital role in the European economy and society.

The road transport sector involves a wide range of industries and services from vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to infrastructure providers, mobility management, communication technologies, energy companies and many others. Road transport, integrated with the other modes of transport, enables mobility for people and goods across Europe.


Overall, road transport related industries provide employment to more than 14 million people in Europe and directly contributes, by 11%, to the European gross domestic product.


It has a major impact on our daily lives, as it is one of the primary means of access to employment, services and social activities.


Road Transport creates links and these links are a key factor in developing social, regional and economic cohesion within the European Union.


Road Transport contributes to the quality of life of every European citizen.
Because of the importance of the role of Road Transport in Europe, an accelerated development of sustainable, integrated transport solutions is necessary. The mission of ERTRAC is to provide a framework to focus the coordinated efforts of public and private resources on the necessary research activities.