ERTRAC members

The ERTRAC members represent all the actors of the road transport system

ERTRAC structure - format of a pie

ERTRAC Plenary

The Plenary gathers all the ERTRAC members three times a year.

The plenary is responsible for defining the strategic orientations of ERTRAC and to enable  a shared vision from all the Road Transport stakeholders. The Plenary adopts the ERTRAC documents and decides on the strategic approaches for the technology platform.

ERTRAC Executive Group

The ERTRAC Executive Group is formed by the Chair and the Vice-Chairs.

It is responsible for the daily decision-making of the technology platform and takes all necessary decisions for its functioning in between the Plenary meetings. The members of the Executive Group represent ERTRAC in public events and consultation bodies. They chair the Plenary meetings.

ERTRAC Working Groups

ERTRAC Working Groups consist of experts from the ERTRAC members.

The ERTRAC documents are prepared within the Working Groups. They include Scenarios, the Strategic Research Agenda and the research roadmaps. There are currently six working groups:


Urban Mobility


Long Distance Freight Transport


Energy & Environment


Road Transport Safety & Security


Global Competitiveness


Connectivity and Automated Driving

ERTRAC Secretariat

The ERTRAC Secretariat is responsible for the daily management of the technology platform, such as the organisation of meetings and communication activities. It reports directly to the Executive Group, and assists all the bodies of ERTRAC.

ERTRAC Supporting Institutions Group

The ERTRAC Supporting Institutions Group (ERTRAC SIG)  is a non-profit association, legally established in Belgium (AISBL), supporting ERTRAC by financing its activities (office, secretariat costs, meetings and events costs etc.).