FUTURE-HORIZON supported ERTRAC, related Horizon Europe partnerships and the European Commission in identifying future research needs for upcoming R&I programmes, in order to further facilitate a sustainable and efficient road transport system in Europe, while also fostering international cooperation.

Preceded by FOSTER-ROAD (2013-2016) and FUTURE-RADAR (2017-2020), FUTURE-HORIZON started in February 2021 and ended in May 2023.

In particular, FUTURE-HORIZON pursued the following objectives:

  • Provide high-quality input for ERTRAC research roadmaps, strategic research agendas and other implementation documents.
  • Assess RTR strategies in Europe, other established markets and emerging markets.
  • Support capacity-building for local and national policy makers and practitioners, to generate and implement innovative sustainable mobility solutions.
  • Utilize the expertise of a well-developed stakeholder network, incorporating also external advice in project outputs.
  • Develop an ERTRAC dissemination strategy and communicate key ERTRAC activities and publications


Below are the approved public deliverables within the FUTURE-HORIZON project. The documents provide an overview of the activities and learnings throughout the project and can be used to inform future initiatives and roadmaps. Topics include EU research in a global context, global mapping, international cooperation, visibility, and funding. 

The FUTURE-HORIZON partners are:


For more information about FUTURE-HORIZON, please contact the project coordinator Verena Wagenhofer at verena.wagenhofer@avl.com.


FUTURE-HORIZON has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 101006598.

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