H2 ICE research workshop


H2ICE  -  Research Workshop

Hydrogen in Internal Combustion Engines

Date: 20th of October, 10:00-16:00

LocationBluepoint conference center, Boulevard Reyers 80, 1030 Brussels + online

Scope: discuss the latest state-of-the-art, opportunities and research challenges for the next years with a multi-stakeholder perspective.

Not-in-scope: regulatory matters or advocacy for a specific solution.

Objective: exchange views and latest experiences from different stakeholders, discuss the potential for LD and HD vehicles, and discuss R&D challenges for the next years, leading to possible collaborative research activity at the European level.

Set-up: physical workshop in Brussels with expert presentations and discussions. Including web conference tool allowing remote participation (hybrid setup).

Engine Technology: SotA and Outlook

- Stefan Hoffman, Hyundai, Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine - A Viable Technology for Carbon Neutrality?

- Gavin Dober, BorgWarner, Application of H2 ICE Technology on a Light Commercial Vehicle

- Stefan Bareiss, Bosch, Hydrogen engine for commercial vehicles

- Lukas Virnich, FEV, Can a hydrogen engine contribute to create sustainable transport solutions?


Efficiency and emissions

- Prof. Zissis Samaras, LAT, Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engines: Emissions and Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems - A Review

- Paul Kapus, AVL, High Efficiency Hydrogen ICE, Carbon Free Powertrain for Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles

- Maximilian Brauer, IAV, Analysis of zero emission capability from hydrogen internal combustion engines


Infrastructure-Energy Carrier

- Nicolas Obrecht, TotalEnergies, Engine lubricant: an enabler for sustainable H2-ICE mobility?

- Sasa Marinic, TotalEnergies, H2 Production and Infrastructure for ICE


Impact Assessment

- Dr. Ulrich Kramer, Ford, FVV, Environmental Impact Assessment (focus on GHG) and Economic Analysis (Extract of results of FVV Fuels Study IV and IVb)