Executive group

Anna Wildt-Persson

Vice-Chair from a EU Member State, representing road infrastructures, nominated by Sweden.

Mrs Wildt-Persson holds a master of science with major in Economics from Lund University, Sweden. After graduation, Mrs Wildt-Persson joined Statistics Sweden, working with quantitative and qualitative research, analysis of statistics and KPIs and development of data management systems. She then joined the Swedish National Agency for Education, working in various evaluation projects and government assignments, and as agency representative in international projects within OECD and EU.

In 2001 she joined the Swedish Road Administration where she was appointed Head of Department of Planning in the Southern Region. Since the establishment of the multi-modal Swedish Transport Administration in 2010, Mrs Wildt-Persson has served as Head of Unit for Investigation and Head of Department of Societal Needs in the Southern Region, as well as Chief Strategist at the national department Strategic Development, with a focus on long-term planning, research and strategic management. In this position she also served as representative in various external research arenas and in international co-operation within PIARC and in MOU/MOC’s with international partners. She is now the Regional director of the South Region in the Swedish Transport Administration, covering areas such as long-term infrastructure planning and operational investment planning, regional and urban planning, investigations, traffic environment issues and civil preparedness. The position includes extensive external contacts with regional and local actors such as municipalities, regions and business.