18 Sep 2023

Call for Host country to host the TRA Conference in 2028!

Call for candidate countries to host the 12th TRANSPORT RESEARCH ARENA (TRA) Conference in 2028.

The Transport Research Arena, in short TRA, is THE European research and technology biennial conference on transport and mobility. Following editions around Europe (2006 Goteborg/Sweden, 2008 Ljubljana/Slovenia, 2010 Brussels/Belgium, 2012 Athens/Greece, 2014 Paris/France, 2016 Warsaw/Poland, 2018 Vienna/Austria, 2020 virtually in Helsinki/Finland and 2022 Lisbon/Portugal), the next planned editions will take place in Dublin/Ireland in 2024 and Budapest/Hungary in 2026. It is now already time to anticipate the 2028 edition and the selection of countries willing to host the conference is therefore opened now.

Please download the Call text below to see the selection criteria and procedure.

Deadline for application is 1 February 2024