11 May 2020

CCAM SRIA drafting

The Proposal for the Partnership on CCAM in Horizon Europe has been submitted to the European Commission on 13 April 2020 (see attachment).

It is based on the work of the CCAM Platform. Now the task is to prepare a strategy document (the SRIA), which identifies the foreseen portfolio of activities of the Partnership, measurable expected outcomes, deliverables and milestones within specific timeframes.

This SRIA development is an open process: any stakeholder expressing willingness to be involved can participate through a series of web meetings. 

More information on the process can be found in the detailed invitation.

! The ERTRAC Secretariat is on medical leave from Friday 12 June ! If you are already registered to contribute to the SRIA in one of the 7 CCAM clusters, you'll be contacted directly by the cluster leader. If you are not yet registered and want to join a cluster, please contact:

Cluster 1, Large-scale demonstrations: Armin Greater armin.graeter(at)
Cluster 2, On-board technologies: David Storer d.storer(at)
Cluster 3, Validation: Peter Urban peter.urban(at)
Cluster 4, Integrating the vehicle in the transport system: Torsten Geissler Geissler(at)
Cluster 5, Key enabling technologies: Margriet Van Schijndel m.v.schijndel(at)
Cluster 6, Societal aspects and user acceptance: Ingrid Skogsmo ingrid.skogsmo(at)
Cluster 7, Research coordination: Stephane Dreher s.dreher(at)