16 Dec 2021

ERTRAC position: Technology and Research Perspective on the “Fit for 55” Proposal

In its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council (ERTRAC) has committed to the objective of a carbon-neutral road transport system by 2050. Therefore, we support ambitious measures to reach this objective.

Carbon-neutrality needs to be achieved with sustainable system solutions, meaning that all three aspects of sustainability (environmental, economic and social) must be addressed together.

When looking at the Fit for 55 Proposal from the European Commission, from a technology perspective, ERTRAC identifies a number of key research and development efforts that need to be addressed to achieve the ultimate objective of carbon-neutrality in time.

In order to tackle the climate change challenge as quickly and efficiently as possible, Europe needs Research and Development (R&D) on all technologies that provide decarbonisation benefits (net and absolute) in the short and medium term.

Read the ERTRAC position paper.