25 Apr 2016

New ERTRAC roadmap on ICE Powertrains

ERTRAC has published a new roadmap on ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) Powertrain Technologies. Addressing research and development needs of engines for both light and heavy duty vehicles.

The roadmap has been distributed for the first time at the TRA 2016 Conference in Warsaw, and presented in the strategic session on Decarbonised and Energy Efficient Transport.

ICE engines are key to reach CO2 emissions reduction in the short and medium term. Their development has to be understood in an integrated approach in the context of both electrification and alternative fuels.

The roadmap describes the potentials for energy efficiency improvements. For light duty gasoline and diesel engines and for heavy duty diesel engines. The research and developments topics for the coming decade are listed and explained. 

Download the roadmap executive summary: 2016-04-05_ICE_roadmap_edited version.pdf

This short version is complemented by a "Technical" long version where each technology and research challenge is described.

Download the full Technical version: Future light- and heavy-duty ICE Powertrain Technologies, final full version, June 2016