13 Dec 2023

STREnGth_M and TRA 2024 shine at the POLIS Conference!

STREnGth_M and TRA 2024 took center stage at this year's Annual POLIS Conference in Leuven. Organised by POLIS, this dynamic event served as an exceptional platform to spotlight ERTRAC's latest support action and event, captivating a diverse audience of mobility enthusiasts and influential decision-makers.

This year's Annual POLIS Conference in Leuven was a pivotal platform for introducing ERTRAC's latest support action and event to a diverse audience of mobility enthusiasts and decision-makers. Organised by POLIS, the event showcased both STREnGth_M and TRA 2024, leaving a lasting impression among other groundbreaking transportation projects at the POLIS stand.

Conference attendees had the opportunity to explore various aspects, including:

  • STREnGth_M's Role in Global Electric Mobility Progress
  • TRA 2024's Vision and Programme
  • Future Research Needs in Road Transport
  • Strategic Research Agendas and Roadmaps

STREnGth_M, ERTRAC's support action under Horizon Europe, is a groundbreaking project running from February 2023 to February 2026. It focuses on innovative road transport, aiming to:

  • Specify future research needs in road transport.
  • Update and support the coordination of strategic research agendas and roadmaps in the field.
  • Facilitate continuous exchange between road transport research-related Horizon Europe partnerships and platforms.
  • Identify barriers to the deployment of research results at European and international levels.

Additionally, STREnGth_M tracks global progress in electric mobility, assessing the feasibility of innovative solutions for prospective markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The project also aims to strengthen existing and establish new connections between European, national, and regional programs, fostering international cooperation task forces.


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