16 Jan 2024

The 10th Framework Programme is on the horizon!

As Horizon Europe reaches its midpoint, ERTRAC is actively shaping the future by reviewing its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for the impending 10th EU framework programme.

As the Horizon Europe research programme reaches its midway point, the groundwork for the 10th EU framework programme is underway. ERTRAC is actively engaged in this process, embarking on a thorough review of its Strategic Research Agenda (SRA).

From this updated Vision, ERTRAC will derive challenges that need addressing. Subsequently, a comprehensive list of main research topics will be formulated to tackle these challenges and actualize the long-term vision. This revamped Strategic Research Agenda will stand as ERTRAC's substantial input into the shaping of the 10th EU Framework Programme. Emphasizing the overarching theme, the primary focus will be on the role of road transport innovation in contributing to the twin transition of "green and digital."

Stay tuned for this pivotal milestone! ERTRAC members will be actively involved in the process, and to ensure a broader perspective, a public consultation is scheduled to take place during the course of 2024. Your engagement and insights will be invaluable in shaping the future of road transport research and innovation.