31 Oct 2018

Transport Research Arena 2020 in Helsinki

The Transport Research Arena conference will take place in Helsinki on 27–30 April 2020 under the theme “Rethinking transport – towards clean and inclusive mobility”. The event provides an ample forum for the representatives from research, industry, public administration and policy-making to discuss major challenges and opportunities we are facing in transport and mobility.

The conference aims to rethink transport: actions needed to lead the transport sector towards clean and inclusive mobility of both people and goods. 

#TRA2020 will focus on new innovative mobility solutions, mobility and the changing climate, physical and digital infrastructures as well as ensuring European competitiveness. The conference will address topics such as:

  • multimodal services for people and goods,
  • sustainable asset management,
  • user-centric and inclusive mobility models,
  • strategies for research and innovation that are needed to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

The call for papers for #TRA2020 is opening soon. More information about the upcoming call is available through pre-announcement at Stay tuned for more information! 


#TRA2020 Rethinking transport April 2020 Helsinki showing a lighted street