30 Jun 2021

2 New Roadmaps are out!

The two new roadmaps update the Integrated Urban Mobility Roadmap from 2017, looking at the research and innovation needs from new societal challenges and economic trends emerging in cities.

The roadmap on Urban Mobility Resilience specifically addresses the resilience of the urban mobility ecosystem in times of crisis: it defines the research efforts necessary to improve the capacity of the transport system to fulfil its role when disruptions occur.

The New Mobility Services Roadmap addresses shared and new mobility services and their role in a sustainable urban mobility ecosystem. It aims at defining the research required to enable the potential benefits these new services can bring to urban mobility, while avoiding the drawbacks and negative externalities resulting from a disorganized and unregulated development of such mobility innovations.

You can now download the two new roadmaps in their final draft version in the document section of the website.

The 2 Roadmaps will be presented at the #ERTRAC2021 Annual Conference. You can still register to participate: