23 Jun 2017

New ERTRAC Automated Driving Roadmap

The new version of the ERTRAC Automated Driving Roadmap has been presented and released at the ITS Congress in Strasbourg on Tuesday 20 June 2017.

ERTRAC and the European project CARTRE joined the exhibition and organised a session during the Congress to present the new document. This new version provides common definitions of automation levels and automated driving systems agreed upon within the industry. It presents development paths for automation of road transport for three applications: passenger cars, freight vehicles, and urban mobility vehicles.

The Roadmap set up 11 challenges to be tackled for automation to become a reality in Europe. It calls for collaborative Research & Development activities at the European level, to ensure harmonization and inter-operability. It is also a reference document listing all European projects and activities supporting connected and automated driving, as well as the initiatives taken at the national level by EU Member States.

Thematic Challenges

You can access the electronical version of the Roadmap.